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These links were carefully picked, but things change over time, and I can take no responsibility for the sites linked to. If you find broken links, useless, dubious or even illegal content on these pages, you are invited to click on the contact link on top of this page and drop me a line.

Note [2010-02-20]: I Just went through the links and deleted those that have obviously expired, are unavailable, don't work on my main browser, resize my browser window etc. Actually I was surprised how much of them still are alive. No examination of content was performed, though. I expect to repeat this process from time to time, eventually this page might vanish altogether. Search engines are better than static link pages anyway. I keep it for now, also as a sort of crutch for my vanishing memory, but I do not intend to expand it.

Note [2016-03-21]: Same procedure. More deletions. Also going to delete the links scattered on the camera pages, as they're even harder to maintain.


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